SCREEN REPAIR:  If your phone’s touchscreen has stopped responding, you have visible lines or cracks on the LCD screen, or any other Screen issue on your iPhone or Android phone, WE CAN FIX IT.

LIQUID/WATER DAMAGE: We have solutions for your iPhone or Android phone even if there is water damage. Have you dropped your phone in the sink or got it wet in the rain? Contact us and we might be able to help.

BATTERY REPLACEMENT SERVICE: Is your mobile phone draining the battery too quickly or is your phone’s battery swelling? It might need to be replaced. Contact our technician.

DATA RECOVERY: – Broke your phone and want to replace it with the new one? We can help you retrieve your old phone’s information so that you don’t lose your important pictures, contacts and other data.

CHARGING DOCK / HEADPHONE JACK REPLACEMENT: Is your Charging port or headphone jack not responding? We can replace it in no time. Contact us today.

POWER BUTTON / HOME BUTTON: Is your power button or home button not responding? We can fix it or replace it in no time. Contact us today.