Having your device repaired should be a quick and easy experience. Our diagnosis and repair process is explained below in three simple steps: (1) Contact; (2) Assessment; and (3) Repair.

  1. Make contact with us by visiting  or by phone or by email. We will return to you, within the hour, with a preliminary finding, an estimate or quote in respect of the cost of repair or parts your device may require, as well as further particulars concerning the next steps if you could choose to proceed further.
  1. Next step would be undertaking a full diagnostic assessment. This subsequent assessment will confirm or clarify our preliminary findings, at which point, we will either

* proceed with the repair, with your prior consent; or

** Return to you for further instructions.

  1. On your instructions we repair your device. We accept cash and Eftpos as payment. Payment must be made and verified before your device is returned to you. If the repair is unsuccessful, you are not liable for the costs of labour expended in the repair attempt. Read our terms and conditions.